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Your Computer Network is the Heart of your Business.

Ensuring your technology systems are running smoothly is essential for maximizing efficiency and saving money for your business. Extra Mile can provide your company with a stable, reliable and secure IT infrastructure to improve uptime and enhance productivity.

Information Technology is an ever changing landscape. Our staff is constantly updating both knowledge and skills in order to bring you, the customer, the very latest in technology solutions. Our goal is to help you become as efficient as possible so that you can focus on what’s most important – running and growing your business.

We will be your Long-Term Partner.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, Extra Mile is a leading provider of technology-based business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the greater Columbia area and surrounding cities.

We are a small IT firm that specializes in personal, customized service, partnering with our customers to provide both pro-active support as well as troubleshooting problems after they occur.

Our focus is to keep your business safe by keeping your computer environment efficient, secure, and free from unwanted malware, viruses and outside attacks. As well as ensuring recoverability of your systems and data in the event of system failures or damage to ensure business continuity.

Our services

We are your outsourced IT department.


In todays world, the security of your IT resources could be just as important as the security of your money and assets. We are constantly transforming our defense platform to secure your environment.

Disaster Recovery

How much are you prepared for a network-wide virus, natural or human-induced disaster? We provide tailor-made solutions to help mitigate these events and ensure business continuity.

Multi-Site Networking

Our network solutions include installation, management, monitoring, infrastructure and cabling, wireless solutions, and more. Multi-site networking makes it possible to bring all of your offices together into one unified network.


Virtualization is no longer technology of the future. Virtualization technology can now make you more secure, flexible, and save you money.


We provide in-house or hosted email server solutions to meet your unique communication needs.

Remote Access

All the staff in your company can work as though they are in one office, no matter where they are physically located. This includes individual remote users as well as mobile users.

Bottom line: we worry about your IT Needs so you don't have to.

Our partners

We work with the best partners in the industry.

Meet the team

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Ken has over 40 years in the IT industry. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, he started his career developing computer software for NCR Corporation (later purchased by AT&T), Bankers Trust (now owned by BB&T) and also worked as a project manager and network integrator for these and other large firms. He later founded Extra Mile in 1993 and has been happily serving the small to medium sized business community ever since.

Ken Humphrey

Systems Engineer, Owner
Chip lives in Columbia with his wife Alyssa, daughter Eowyn, and dog Beesly. He has 9 years of professional IT experience, and is actively involed in law enforcement. He loves playing sports and volunteering on the weekends. Chip's passionate about merging business development and IT goals to secure long-term financial growth.

Chip Maier

Systems Engieer

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